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Truck will not start after predator 60hp tune.

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I have a 2007, F-350 6.0, I've been running the truck with the predator 60hp tune for a few years with no problems. I started having problems with cold starts so I installed the original back and installed a swamps ficm, bullydog intake and a cat back exhaust. I ran this way for a couple of weeks with no problems. today I decided to put the 60 hp tune back, everything went well I thought. The hand held saved the original and installed the tune and stated I could drive the truck. when I tried the truck the glow plug light stayed on and the truck would not try to turn over. I tried to install the original back put the hand held stated "unable to read vehicle type (1)". This is the predator v.9r10 U7165. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, this is the only vehicle I have and I need to be at Texas A&M monday morning for fire training.

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please give us a call with the tool powered up and we'll try forcing the stock tune to the vehicle.

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This just happened to my truck. Were they able to Force back to factory settings?

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