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U-7185 Balance rates - Will they ever show up?

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I had my unit updated last December. I was never told about the balance rate feature being deleted, or I WOULD NOT HAVE DONE IT!!!! I have called several times, starting in Dec 2008 asking when they would be put back in. Answers from DS customer service was they are working on it and it should be available soon. Here is it 1 year later and they are still working on it. Your customer service sucks. GET IT DONE!!!!!!

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It has been 18 months sincle I sent my U-7185 programmer to Diablo for the upgrade to version V.9r05. I was not told at the time that the balance rates would be removed from the unit. I immediately called their so called service dept and was told that they were working on this situation and would have them available within 2-3 months. Here it is 18 months later and no balance rates. I don't know about anyone else but I used the balance rates check to keep a eye on my injectors.

This has become obvious that Diablo has not intention of rectifying this situation. There customer service is pathetic. I have tried to call their c/s and a reconrding tells you there is no operator and hangs up.

I will be buying a new truck soon and quess who's programmer I would never consider buying?

It is amazing that if you go trough this form you will see several posts asking for info or help that are answered by other members with out any response from Diablo customer service reps. I guess they are busy doing other things.

It is customer service like this that causes companies to go out of business.

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New update was released today, balance rates are added.
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