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Predator U7186 compatible with 2013 Durmax LML

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I have a U7186 which I have used on a 2009 GM Durax. Earlier I contacted DS about would it support a 2013 Chev Durmax, LML and was told it would. I have now traded for the 2013 Chev, Durmax LML. Looking on the downloads I do not see anythiing for the U7186 relating to the Durmax LML ?

Can you advise if there is an update for the U7186 to make it compatible for the 2013 Chev Duramax LML ?

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We currently only support up to 2010 Duramax. I'm not sure why anyone here would say that we support the 13 model as we haven't even added 2011 models yet.
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Even assuming we add LML support, there is no way it would ever work in the Predator...but there is no ETA for LML support currently.

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Thanks for the clarification. Sounds like I might as well try to sell the unit.

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