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2013 Charger RT pcm got toasted durng down load

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so has this happened to anyone else yet?? updated my t-1000 last night installed tune everything got accepted
and then after starting engine I get the P0601 code and car will not run it starts up barely then dies a few seconds later!!! I have installed tons of programmers and know that A/C, radio, lights ect.. needs to be turned off I even disconnected my amp to make sure there was now extra power draw coming from anywhere its not rocket science. took car to the shop this morning to find out that my pcm is ruined. so brand new car with less than 6000miles not cool at all what should I do now?? send the tuner back and give up!!! Btw im not bagging on anybody I love diablo and all the technology they are able to generate I just wish this wouldn't have happened. I also have a 2013 Durango RT that id like to put the T-1000 on just want to make sure this isn't going to damage that pcm as well!!
lol!! :lol:

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Were you not able to call back after the battery reset we spoke of earlier? What happend after reconnecting the battery?

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I reset the battery and the check engine light went off for about 30 seconds then came back on! lol but its still saying that I have a bootlogger fault on the turner. i did call back at lunch though lol i was on hold for 2hours ill call Tuesday morning though id like to try to get this RT back on the road and running so that i can get one for the Durango RT as well lol. i just hope that the shop can re flash my old pcm but they said id have to probably buy a new one :( but have a good weekend ill call you Tuesday morning.

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No need to replace anything, I'm sure we can fix it here.
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