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11-12 Charger, 300, Challenger, 3.6 needed for testing :)

Vehicles needed for testing

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TheyCallMeMike wrote:
I can be there by 9:00 am tomorrow, with 93 in it this time, let me know!

what octane was you using or do you use?

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mikel wrote:
Gains on the charger were same as the Chally, 10 rwhp, 15 ft.lbs :)

The 8 speed did not seem to affect power output but by maybe 2-3 rwhp here and there.

which octane did you test with?

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-danny wrote:
mikel wrote:
Little update...

The Chally picked up nicely, solid 10 rwhp and 15 ft/lbs across the board, and it felt a TON better on the street, despite the minimal power gains :)


Yes it did :mrgreen:
So i haven't had the chance to take the car out to a secluded road due to school/work since i picked it up this wednesday, but i've stepped on it a couple times from red light to red light and on the highway (when safe of course..), and the car seems to have woke up real nice, the throttle response is much better imo.
Hopefully i have the chance this weekend to try out some 0-60 runs
Big thanks to Mike and the guys over at Diablosport for making this happen finally 8)

which octane have you been using?

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I updated my trinity but I couldn't find the 11' 3.6 Charger !!

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Garza wrote:
which octane have you been using?

91 octane


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