2011 Challenger R/T

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2011 Challenger R/T

Post by vmathis12019 »

Possibly a silly question, but living in Germany, I can't find anyone around with a can on their car to look at. Is there any reason that the C1000 for the 05-10 model Challenger R/T wouldn't fit a 2011 Challenger R/T?

Between the shipping, and the ridiculous drive to the nearest dealer (who rarely has what I'm looking for in stock), I'd like to know if it's worth ordering and trying to make work.

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Re: 2011 Challenger R/T

Post by Mike_Levy »

On the R/T with the 5.7 I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. There were no changes made to the engine for 2011. Billet Tech (who makes the cans), lists them for 2007 to present vehicles. You don't have the factory intake do you? If you do you'll need the fender mounting bracket from them.

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Re: 2011 Challenger R/T

Post by twistedsteel »

I installed the catch can on my 2010 Challenger RT yesterday it was tight but worked, the bolt out of engine block is really long lots of adjustment to work with.
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