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Post Tue Feb 28, 2017 8:33 pm

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I just received my i2 today and followed the instructions for getting it updated. I have gone through this a round or two, yet the device seems to be stuck, just showing : "PLEASE WAIT" while the progress buttons just keep cycling.

On the drive that mounts (Mac OS 10.9.5) the group_update.ifg file shows todays date, while the info.xml file shows the date of all the other files, Sep 19, 2015. What is odd is that the text in the info.xml file looks like it may be updated. That file contains this text:

<registration sn='14U7ZCL8QQ' status='0' tool_oem='DIABLO_G' updates='0'/>
<applications count='5'>
<application name='vehicle' rev='2r01r'/>
<application name='updater' rev='2r01c'/>
<application name='gui' rev='2r01k'/>
<application name='installer' rev='2r01d'/>
<application name='logger' rev='2r01a'/>
<databases dbnames='2r00' dtc='2r01a' vin='2r01h' gui='2r01f'>
<database mfr='DCX' pid='2r01cc'/>
<database mfr='FORD' pid='2r01cf'/>
<database mfr='GM' tune='2r02y' pid='2r01ba'/>
<system rev='1r01a' config='1r01d'>
<option name='Wifi' enabled='true' driver='v4.0.2_9000.20130911'/>
<licenses available='1' tuned='0'/>
<reg reg='htu7ZpNK8OgzzsafD5LQfoCk7zEL4LmPZyNne6VTVSDZyBS7N1RbcMSkoeOSHAs2NvbKexp+LlZZEAYQuR9kD8ms4fPOC+unOnbZK74JJNBVM7xiZU4CMAJMCxO8+nPaExU8GysunTO1XUOZlPSibbPCabCpAjqfcFbeGJQ/tLxMZfW49JBDaugXCpx7jzg9Kna5KHEFFSzUUvClF4pifuoCTxPTxRhnejvhZGKyYd/KwMnkh4ldx0Lnt5TgVrrFmSn/yLMBE+7RHw9kPCbhKBOFk7yFb84WR2YrcOjDCZUw4te2IB4AduHQs7pfv7b3MpDLhvU1OB2hskrpdzsg6sC6Le0EMjQtEnPL/rXwyKTfmdkObH0AVmplTkuNy/ew9Dvquapc7XWIp+oALtkSgcfXm2saOa4RhJOgUKbcbe1PLQB0YuvszLl54OzxuRM8U+1Ll0pKBeQw'/>

The versions listed seem to reflect the current versions, but since the date modified for this file hasn't changed, I'm not sure what to think.

Lastly, if I run the, it now suggests there are no updates available. At the top of the window, it shows inTune Updater - 2r01h.

Post Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:55 pm

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delete the group+update file from the drive and plug it into the car and it should be good to go.
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Post Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:42 pm

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Thanks, I'll proceed as though all available updates have been installed.

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