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Bad customer service

For inTune users who prefer to not use Windows, we'll help you out in your own section.
Post Fri Mar 03, 2017 12:58 pm

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I just bought an i2 and am a mac user. Since I only went to the website and seen it was mac friendly that was a selling point for me over other tuning options. I used to have a pc and hp tuners. I'm not a pc fan at all

So I get this yesterday plug it in to do the updates as advised and it goes through the updating then tells me it's done and click continue to reboot. I do that and stays on please wait for hours! Seriously over 3 hours I had it plugged in my mac.

This morning I call the so called tech support and am told to get a pc because mac is hit or miss. Or return it. That should be advertised on the product. This is clearly misrepresenting your product. I'm not buying a pc and if I return it the vendor will charge me a restocking fee.

Really wish I had seen the forum before ordering. Product and customer service are not what they used to be here.

Post Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:11 pm

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I apologize for that answer, its not that cut and dry.
The Mac will work, but macs treat external drives differently than a pc which can complicate and frustrate the process, its just the nature of the Mac OS.
If you post the info.xml file from the i2 drive here I will verify its up to date, which I would imagine it is, and from there you can tune the vehicle.

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