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I-1000 stuck on PCM needs uptdating/Disk check

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My vehicle (2014 F150 ecoboost) is currently tuned with the 93 octane tune. When attempting to adjust tune parameters/return to stock the device states that the PCM needs updating. Tried again and now states Disk check may take up to 30 minutes. The truck has not been to the dealer so the PCM has not been touched since the tuner was installed. Tried using the update agent and the screen on the device goes blank when it attempts to install updates. The device shows up on the computer but says driver error. This is the second time with 2 different vehicles this device has malfunctioned. Last time with my silverado tech support reset the device while the vehicle was tuned and I had to pay the dealer $200 to reprogram the TCM and ECM back to stock.

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if it keeps showing disk check, then unfortunately there is a memory issue with the device and it is not going to work any longer.
You can trade it in toward a new one if you wish.

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