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i2 updater being replaced with Ignition software

Post here with any questions regarding the use of the Ignition updater software for PC or Mac

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I have i2 tuner and im facing issues with the update, which i connect my i2 to the laptop using windows 7 and running ignition software it says there is a new update for the device.
i run the update for it it downloads it and then tells me that the device will disconnect and connect again. when it connects back, again it says there is an update and it keeps doing the same thing over and over again. However, when i click on "more" below right it shows me that "updater" is missing.

i have activated wifi on my Diablo i2 and when it checks for update it says your device is up to date.

can someone help me with this?

Note: i bought a Jeep JK model 14 and the previous owner had the i2 along with it.
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