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Stuck on ''Please wait'' screen after updating

Post here with any questions regarding the use of the Ignition updater software for PC or Mac

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I plugged my i2 into my computer and had it doing its thing. A warning popped up on my computer that the i2 disconnected from the computer. I unplugged it (probably not the best decision) and plugged it back in. The i2 did its updates and it said it was done and it had to reboot. I pressed the continue button and it was stuck for like 30-40 min. I unplugged it again ( yes ik ik dumb) and plugged it in again and the same thing happened. It reupdated said everything was good and is now tuck on the Please wait screen again after pressing continue. P.s. sorry if i posted this in the wrong category :wink: or wrong place i am new to forums

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save this to the i2 drive and let it import the fie then try again please.
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