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Trinity 2 5.7L Grand Cherokee 0-60 <10secs

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Post Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:52 am

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So a few things. my 0-60 is above 10 seconds with the trinity 91 or 93 octane. I have even put in octane booster if it was poor quality gas. Without the tuner, I can get 8,8 seconds in 0-60, which is still horrible. Its almost as if the traction control or something wont allow the RPMs to increase quickly, it bogs down until 5,000+ RPMs, then slams hard and launches the car when shifts into the next gear.

When I disable the traction control through the tuner, the 4wd light comes on, the truck wont move unless you hop on the throttle, and when you shut it off, it slams and literally drops the whole jeep down a few inches.

So did I spend $600+ dollars to go slower? and not get the power? I expected it to bring the hemi alive again.

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what tune are you loading and what octane fuel do you run?

8.8 stock sounds really poor to me, as if there may be an issue somewhere...

If it runs poorly stock, the tune will rarely 'fix' the issue.
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