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Post Thu Oct 11, 2018 12:40 pm

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I got the Trinity T2 yesterday. Connected to vehicle right away and tested the gauges...worked fine. Last night, I downloaded the Ignition software on my laptop. I connected the Trinity to the laptop and it was detected. It said there were 23 updates available. Updates began to download and then install. But an error occurred and it said it would return to factory settings after rebooting. It also said it could not generate an error log file. It sat on rebooting screen for over 20 minutes...I finally disconnected the USB cord. Reconnected the USB cord and it booted up fine. Checked for updates again and every time it checks, it is always finding 4 updates. If I try to update via WiFi, it always finds one updates....over and over...either 4 updates connected USB or 1 update on WiFi. I then connected to my vehicle and when I select Tuning, it says it needs to restore my factory settings. It also said that some controllers were not available for the vehicle and an update was needed. I downloaded this update and the Trinity rebooted....but after reboot, the screen was nothing but lines and static. I had to disconnect the HDMI connection and reconnect. It then came up OK. The update was some type of calibration file. I then went to Tuning again and again it said to press Continue to restore your factory PCM settings. I have not even tuned the vehicle yet, so why do I need to restore factory settings? I cancelled this message and hope someone here can help.

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Tried again this morning to apply a tune. But again, after I press Tuning, I get a message that states "press CONTINUE to begin restoring your vehicles factory data." Why would I need to do that when I have never applied a tune before?

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does it say its in recovery mode?
Can you give us a call so we can go through this with you?
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