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JK sport 2015 custom tune

This area of the forum is for discussions relating to the T2 monitor/tuner on Chrysler vehicles.

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Post Wed Mar 06, 2019 6:09 am

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1- Glad to know that the PCM from diablo would not present the permenant code in my Jeep JK 2015. However, if I need to put back the original pcm after 20000km or 5000km, would I get the code that the pcm has been tampered with?

2- Regarding Tunning my Jeep: I would like to have more information regarding this as I was reading the manual that only shows how to load a preset tune.
What I would like to do is have a performance tune to increase horse power and throttle response (need to get rid of that pedal commander). I would also like to control the fan cooling temperature as I do drive off-road in the desert at high rpm.
3- Would like to up the limit on the rpm so the gears do not automatically up-shift when in 4H. The stock shifts form 1st to 2nd at approx 6000 rpm.

4- when in triptronic mode, down shifting to slower gear is only possible at 3500 rpm (and I have to completely remove my foot of f the gas pedal). I need the response to happen sooner as the above results in loosing momentum when climbing high dunes and I am at a risk of rolling over.

I have JKU sport 2015 with mods; 2.5” liftkit, 2.5” shocks with reservoir (pro fender), Mopar cold air intake, BorlaAttk exhaust and front differential reinforcement

If you may help me answer the above it would be great. Or if I need to speak with someone kindly advise.

I have videos of the driving terrains(climbing high dunes) if needed for reference.

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