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Trinity 2 ex platinum for 2007 jeep srt8

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Post Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:12 pm

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I recently purchased a diablo sport trinity 2 ex platinum for my 2007 jeep srt8, when i go to tune vehicle there is no "93 cai tune" only a"91 cai tune" , am i missing something? Also when using the latest mopar performance tcm if i set trinity to raise engine rpm limit 600 rpm i get a engine overspeed code and tranny stops working until i shut off engine but if i leave rpm limit stock my transmission sfifts at 6767ish rpm and no codes thrown or issues, this seems backwards to me as raising engine rpm limit to match mtcm shift points should be a linear step. I'm used to diesel and custom turbo tuning but never used diablo tuning before and cmr software isnt available to general public so im at a loss. Thanks for any help.

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sounds like you ordered the 5 state legal version?
Post the info.xml file from the T2 drive please.

Odd on the rev limit, are you saying that the MTCM will allow it to shift at 6700+ without adjusting the rev limit in the tune?
I just dont see how thats feasible, nor have I seen a MTCM that shifted that high...
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I'll post file as soon as I get back to town but yes i have the new version mtcm and it shifts at 6767 but if i set t2 to raise rpm i get an engine overspeed code and transmission goes into limp mode and i cant move until i shut off jeep and restart but if i set t2 to stock rpm value the the jeep shifts at 6767 and no code is thrown and even if i just bounce off the limiter and transmission never goes into limp mode, having lots of wierd issues with my t2 so I've requested a replacement.

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