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Post Wed Mar 20, 2019 5:33 pm

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I’ve been having many issues with my i3, I have an original unmarried Trinity that’s never been used on any vehicle and was wondering if anyone knows if I can use my Trinity in place of my i3?
The i3 was used to tune vehicle.
I’m not able to restore my vehicle to its original tune since I loaded a custom tune and the tuner went into restore mode from a failed calibration update and had to have tech support reset the registry. My tuner folder is empty, no last tune written, no backup, nothing.
Vehicle has the custom tune loaded using the i3, and it runs normally.
I was trying to do a data log to tweak the tune a bit more, but I don’t have the PID’S listed that my tuner needs to work with. On top of that when I tried to load another tune it did nothing at all.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

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