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Update issues??? Please Help.

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Post Sat Mar 30, 2019 2:38 pm

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Hello everyone!! I think I'm the proud owner of the Trinity 2 EX for my 14' SRT8 392 6 speed Challenger...

So here's the deal... I go to update this on PC (also tried Mac), says there's updates avail. Downloads 4 files, updates the device and lets me know the device is up to date. I unplug as the Ignition app says to finish the update and the device completely powers off. I go to plug it back in and it says there are updates again... downloads what seems to be the same 4 files... repeats the same result. Try it again... same thing, needs to updated. Any insight?

The reason for trying to update this is Ive seen some videos showing "93 & 91" tunes in the list. Which leads me to ask is the "Diablo Tune" the 93 Tune? That said (and asked) I also had issues trying to modify the Diablo tune... as well as other issues.

**Diablo Tune the 93 tune?
**Couldn't turn off traction control or skip shift (there is no option for SS and still on in Diablo Tune)
**Gears... no option for 3.92 rear gear, only 3.90
**Can't figure out how to use top 5 LED's (ie. shift light) no options that i can see
**No options for CAI, throttle body, off road exhaust, or any simple bolt-on. I was lead to believe before buying you could do this without paying someone every time i can afford a new bolt on (obviously not cheap on these cars!)

Also another concern... it would be nice to know what modifications were made to my car with the ONLY 2 tunes avail from DiabloSport. Seems like a very expensive device for so little support, directions, tunes and extremely limited options unless you pay someone else. Reminds me of these "pay to play" games the world is so riddled with!! So far less than impressed for a $600 unit (sale price @ $500)!!!!

PS... I've tried to search the questions I have on this forum and google with no tangible results!

Post Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:23 am

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How long does it usually take to get help here?

Post Mon Apr 01, 2019 12:20 pm

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Diablo tune is the 93 tune.
You should see TC disable under quick adjust, is it not there or not working? Skip shift should be disabled when you load the tune.
If yo uare running stock gears, do not do anything here.
if you changed the gears to 3.92, selecting 3.90 will work fine.
LED adjustments are not yet enabled.
There are no such preloaded options, as it just doesnt work that way.
Which throttle body? Ported or aftermarket casting? What exhaust...where does it put the O2 sensors....all of these are reasons that changes much be accompanied by custom tuning when you alter airflow or fueling. Most CAIs dont require any tune adjustments on these cars.

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