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How do I set throttle response with Diablo 91 tune?

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Just installed the Diablo Trinity T2 9345 on my 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, with the Mopar Performance TCM. Did before and after dyno pulls, had 342 HP before, stock tune but with catback exh, and cai. After the Diablo install, best pull was 360 HP, and it revved out better, all the way to 6300 RPM, shifted better and closer to redline. All is good, but on the drive home, when stabbing the throttle it has a bit of a hesitation, about 1 1/2 second delay before it goes WOT. Then it hits good, a bit stronger than before the tune, about what I would expect for the extra 18 HP. Before the tune, it had much better, or mostly instant throttle response. Also noticed that when in AutoStick, starting in 1st, it now hits the rev limiter without shifting to 2nd. Previous, it would auto shift to 2-3-4-5 at about 5900 rpm.
I can still manually shift it at say 6200 rpm. Happy to see the extra hp, and the firmer shifts at higher rpm when in D, but would like my throttle response back to where it was, or even more if possible. Can I adjust the throttle response when using the canned 91 octane Diablo tune?
Thanks, Joe

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