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Trinity T2 doesn't work anymore - chaos!

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Post Fri Aug 02, 2019 12:30 pm

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I have an Trinity T2 including an modified PCM for my Dodge Ram Power Wagon 2015 6.4l. I have installed everything half an year ago and everything worked out perfect.
Now I wanted to change the tires size from the original 33" to the 35x12.5x17 and then the chaos happend.

I was working in the Trinity T2, changed the tires size and want ot make the upload and everything stopped. So I put the iginiton off and released the connection to the T2 Trinity.
After that I started the process from new and the Trinity T2 started - the Daiblosport Logo was shown and then a grey screen started and after that the screen changed into black. The trinity had power, but nothing happend. I tried this several times and nothing has changed.

Now I was thinking about using the Update Software on the PC, but the PC didn't find the Trinity T2. Also the other way around which is shown in the manual didn't work out.
The Trinity T2 always stops after the grey and the black coloured screen.

No the mess is going on:
- The ABS signal is shown
- The speedometer does not run
- And it feels that the engine does not rund exactyl like before - but I am not 100% sure
- The 4wheel drive does also not work
- Also the tow/haul option is not available
- And so on...

The main problem is, that I can't get into the system of the Trinity T2.

Does anybody else had this problem, already?
What can I do?

Thanks for your help, guys - it is really urgent.

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