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Ecm re flashed at dodge, tuner no longer supported

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i recently purchased the trinity 2 tuner for my 2013 ram 1500. I was able to tune my vehicle for the first month or so until my issue.

I was having issue tuning, the tune would fail before installation was completed so i tried to restore the factory settings. during that restore it also failed to complete, only this time it left the vehicle completely unresponsive and the tuner also would not connect.

i had a mechanic friend come by with a fancy scanner tool that couldn't connect to the ecm as well.

i began to trouble shoot and realized i was losing voltage during the tunes, and the restore. i replace the battery, had the vehicle towed to dodge and the ecm re flashed. no issue there had the truck back running later that same day.

so naturally id like to start tuning again, i plug in the tuner, skip the "you had an error, restore to factory settings" MSG and press tune. I received a MSG about not having the right pids, or pins and it suggested i update the tuner. so i did. now i get the MSG. your vehicle is not supported.

i am completely afraid to render my truck useless again , i am hesitant at this point to restore my factory settings.

my truck has a fresh tune from dodge. is there anyway i can start over fresh on the tuner side?

i realize this all could have been avoided if i wasn't such a newb, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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please give us a call with the device powered up and we can reset it.
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