Trinity 2 EX for Ford (50 State Legal)

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Trinity 2 EX for Ford (50 State Legal)

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Can you tell me what the adjustable parameters are for this?

I know I'll get a lot of "CARB Neutered, get the real one" but I live in CA and have no interest in breaking the law just because I don't agree with it. Maybe one day we'll get to the point where all that matters is what's coming out of the tailpipe, but I doubt it.

What I'm mostly looking for is an 87 octane tune and the ability to firm up the shifts in sport mode only on a 2016 F-150 5.0 liter 4wd.
Some gas mileage improvement would be nice, but I'm running around a 14 second 1/4 mile already (in 4H) and I'm pretty happy with that performance, I just wish the shifts weren't so mushy. I'm hoping shift changes can be applied to specific shift modes too, I don't really want to yank my trailer around.

Possibly later on be able to adjust the speedometer for my off road tires.
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Re: Trinity 2 EX for Ford (50 State Legal)

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You'll have shift point adjustment, and shift pressures are bumped in the tunes across all modes. Tire size adjustment is also there.

The main params you miss with the EO tool are WOT spark and WOT fueling adjustments...anything that could effect tailpipe emissions.
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