Revised Instructions: Predator Update

Predator support for Ford diesel vehicles

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Revised Instructions: Predator Update

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Revision Update Instructions
(for Trinity, please see Trinity Update Instructions):

NOTE: DSDownloader does not work with Belkin brand USB-serial cables
From:, click Products, then Online Store
-buy part #U7778 for PCs that have USB ports, OR U7777 for PC’s that have a serial port
from Radio Shack, Best Buy etc:
-USB to Serial cable OR a straight 9-pin Serial/Serial cable
and a
-12 v 1 amp power cable, 2.5 x 5.5 mm jack- center pin is positive

Download the Software:

Go to click Support, then Downloads, enter Vehicle Type or Predator Part number (U71##):
Tip: Make sure to download all files by right-clicking the link and selecting “save asâ€
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