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DiabloSport Predator not working on my 2006 LLY

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I picked up a used U7186 and tried it on my totally stock 2006 LLY tonight. No matter what tune I try to put in the truck it causes the truck to go into a limp mode. Pressing down on the accelerator does nothing. The truck will idle and that's about it. I tried 2 different tunes and got the same results so I ended up putting the stock tune back in.

What's up with that?

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Thanks for your time on the phone today. You were exactly right. Taking the revision from v9r02 to v9r12 fixed my issue. The truck is running great. I went ahead and put the 65 HP tune in it. Any issues towing with this tune or should I back down to the 40 HP tune for towing/hauling?

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Good to hear.

The 65 tune is good to about 8000 pounds, any more than that, you should run the tow tune.
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