DS Downloader FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and comments specific to the DiabloSport Downloader application.

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DS Downloader FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1: Something is not working right...

Make sure you have the latest release! DSDL is under continuing development. If you find a new problem, PLEASE post it in this forum. There are a few problems with USB-to-Serial that we cannot help because the problem lies within external drivers. Anything else, though, we will do our best to fix.

The latest production release is always on your Predator support page, and you can also find it HERE.

Also, see the USB-to-Serial Drivers Topic in the General Support forum.

Q2: DSDL problems under Windows Vista

First, if you are running Windows Vista and using a USB-to-Serial cable, run Windows Update repeatedly until there are no more updates available. Hopefully this will install updated drivers for your USB-to-Serial Converter.

Second, DSDL might not run under a restricted Vista user account. Attempting to do so will result in a runtime error from the MSVC runtime library, probably when it tries to access the serial port.

For the users reporting that the application will not run at all under Vista, this is very likely their issue.

For the users who have serial ports, a possible workaround may be as follows:

A: Modify your user account to have Administrative privileges.

B: Right-click on the DS Downloader icon and select "Run as administrator". You will need to know an Administrative account username and password for this to work.

C: Find the DSDownloader executable (DSDownloader.exe) in the folder you installed it to. Right click on the DataViewer file, click "Properties". Find Compatibility and set the compatibility for Windows XP.

Another thing to try: Windows Vista has a feature called Data Execution Prevention (DEP). DEP is normally off. But some PCs with Vista pre-installed have started coming with DEP already put ON. This can cause problems with many programs, especially those that use some kind of licensing wrapper to protect the code against piracy. This is true of both DSDL and the DataViewer.

Checking your Windows DEP settings:

1. Click on Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System
2. Click on Advanced page tab
3. Click on the button Settings under Performance
4. On the Performance Options that comes up, click on the Data Execution Prevention page tab

The default setting in XP used to be "Turn on DEP for essential programs and services only." If that setting is already used, it won’t cause a problem with other software. However, if the second setting is selected, "Turn on DEP for all programs", then that setting might cause problems with our applications.

Solution: Click on the first setting "Turn on DEP for essential programs and services only." This will fix similar problems with all such applications which can’t run because of DEP setting.

Q3: Connectivity Issues - things to try

Ok, you are having problems getting your computer to talk to your Predator. Sometimes communications issues are hard to decipher!

A check list of things to try and consider before calling technical support:
  1. If you are running Windows Vista, have you checked the Vista question above?
  2. Are you providing power to the Predator? If so, the display will be lit.
  3. If your Predator display is dark, and you are using an AC/DC adapter, your adapter may be dead. Try a new adapter.
  4. If your Predator display is dark, and you are plugged into your vehicle, check your cigarette lighter fuse.
  5. If you are using a USB-to-serial cable, did you install the cable drivers from the CD before plugging your cable in?
  6. If you did not install drivers, unplug the cable, find the CD, and put it into your computer to install the drivers. Reboot, then plug your cable back in.
  7. Are you running another program that has control of the serial port, such as the DiabloSport DataViewer? Close any such program before starting the Downloader.
  8. Do you have a firewall running on your computer? Disable it. You can enable it later.
  9. Do you have virus protection running on your computer? Disable it. You can enable it later.
  10. Do you have any PDA or phone cradle software running on the machine? These are notorious for taking over computer hardware resources. If you have anything sitting in your system tray named "Palm" or "Active Synch" then disable it until later.
  11. Are you running as an Administrator account on the computer?
  12. Have you tried running on a different computer?
If you are an advanced computer user, you can try the following test:
  1. Run HyperTerminal from Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> HyperTerminal.
  2. If you don't see it in your start menu, it can be installed from Add /
  3. Remove Programs under Windows Components.
  4. Set HyperTerminal to listen on the COM port you are connecting the Predator to.
  5. Configure (when prompted) for Bits per Second 115200, Data bits 8, Parity None, Stop Bits 1, Flow Control None.
  6. Connect the un-powered Predator to the cable.
  7. Power up the Predator.
  8. You should see a text message from the Predator.
Q4: How do I change the COM port for my USB to Serial cable?

1. Start -> Settings -> Control Panel.
2. Double click the System icon to open up your System Properties window.
3. Click Hardware and then Device Manager in the System Properties window.
4. Open up Ports (COM & LPT) and look for your USB device and COM port setting.

if the COM port listed for the USB device is out of range, you will need to reassign the adapter's COM port setting. To do this, click Port Settings and then Advanced. You should then be able to select the COM port (1, 2, 3, or 4) being careful not to select a COM port already in use on your computer.

Q5: When I click on the icon to start the Downloader, something gets re-installed?

We have switched from Microsoft Windows Installers (MSI files) to a third-party (EXE) Installers. MSIs have a built-in virus protection scheme that prevents files from being replaced. If you are seeing this symptom, go into Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs. Remove any item beginning with "DiabloSport Downloader" or "DSDownloader". Then re-install the latest Downloader revision and you should be good to go.
Determining COM port
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