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Beta Test CMR-300 (DCX) and have 04 SRT4 120k

Vehicles needed for testing

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I am wanting to know if you need beta testers for CMR-300 the DCX model. I am a software developer so I know how to track down bugs in software and know my way around a debugger and how to log my steps to recreate the issue. I own a 04 SRT-4 w/ 120k miles, pretty much stock besides large fmic, bov, intune and a innovate lc-1 wideband which I connect to the intune for logging and I am in Tampa which isn't to far from Delray.

I actually signed up as I wanted to demo the CMR software but when I login, I either get an error page saying "Invalid Token" or when it does login, I click the CMR DEALERS link and get a blank template page. I am interested in checking out the software as I know there aren't any local shops that I know of that can tune a dodge on CMR, they always want to tune with the handheld which I can do.

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Sorry, we don't need any testers for the software, its a fully released $5000 package :)

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