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U7165 for Ford 6.0 Error loading CROM

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Post Thu Oct 09, 2014 6:41 am

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I am trying to update the firmware to the 9r15 for my 2004 Ford 6.0 and I start to load the new CROM and receive a error on the Predator of "Cannot load pcm_6_0 application to ford_6_0_tool" and the device now does not work. I tried going back to the 8rxx version and same error. How can I get this corrected to make this device functional again as it will not even work with the original CROM.


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I found the error, in that I have an older U7160 version of the programmer and not the newer U7165. Do you still have the hardware upgrade option for $99? And how do I purchase this upgrade?

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yes, you can fill out the return authorization form and get it sent in for the upgrade.
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