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U7151 Help

Post by 2008F150 »

Ok I have a 2008 F150 with a 5.4 engine and automatic. I have a few questions.
Only mods are shorty headers, Cat back Edelbrock exhaust and a K&N Air Filter. I plan to run 87 octane but not opposed to 89 if it makes a difference here. I want alot firmer shifts. I tow a camper and I used the 87 tune and it had less power towing than stock. I have been back to stock and really want to make use of this tool.
I got the U7151 Predator tuner hooked up to the downloader program and got lost from there.
1. I didnt find any programs to download or any way to view or adjust settings. How do do this?
2. When I do figure it out then what tune should I go with for the above firmer shifts, little more power especially while towing?

thanks in advance
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Re: U7151 Help

Post by FrankBlack »

You need to export a couple of files.

1) The original frg that is saved in the Predator. This gets saved when you change to a different tune. This is the file that comes with the car/truck

2) Last one written is the file that you changed to.

You can get these files from the DS downloader utility that is connected to your PC

Upload both and they can modify it.

3) DL into Predator and then upload to your vehicle.
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