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i2 issues since day 1 now theres an i3?

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Post Sat Nov 25, 2017 1:13 pm

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my i2 has been nothing but a hassle since the day I got it. updating issues, i2 freezes, I installed the new ignition uploader software and when I opened it, a porn site opened. I am now nervous to use my i2 because it may have a virus.
bottom line is that the i2 has had issues since day 1 and I think a lot of people would agree (based on this forum). there have been no real solutions then all of the sudden theres an i3 released. I feel like I wasted money on my i2 and im a little upset that there is an i3 and im stuck with an i2 that has never worked as I feel it should.
I know there is a trade in core program, but I think diablosport should be swapping all of our i2 devices for the i3.
like I said earlier, I wont even use my i2 now because of what happened when I installed the ignition program on my computer and plugged the i2 into the computer.

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The i3 is nothing new really.
its the same device in a new case with new SKU structure required for 50 state legal coverage ;)
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I feel jilted. I can’t find any porn with my i2. :crashing:

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