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Lets talk push button start

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Post Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:00 pm

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Many of todays late model vehicles come with a push button start system.
They all seem to have some variance on how they work, so lets discuss.

Ford models equipped with push to start are tricky, as some require a single push of the button to engage RUN mode, while others require you to push the button 2x to engage RUN. Best to check the dash for the indication of ACC or RUN to confirm, or if you click it a 2nd time and it shuts the car off, then you only need one click.

GM vehicles with push button start require that you push and HOLD the button for 8-10 seconds to engage RUN mode. Pressing it just once will engage ACC and will eventually time out and can lead to write failures.

On 08-14 Challengers (ONLY), the button is removable, and should be removed when doing any programming in the vehicle. Just pop the button out and insert the key fob and turn it like a traditional key, 2 clicks to the right for RUN mode.

Anything else, (11+Charger, 300, some new Rams, etc), the button should be pressed 2X without using the brake to engage RUN mode for programming, and for any requested Key ON cycle from the tool.

If you have some info about your specific push button equipped vehicle, please feel free to share, especially anyone with a Ford as it would be good to keep track of which ones need one press, and which need 2.

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Post Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:30 am

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I have a Diablo trinity T 1000 I have a 2004 SRT4 When I plug the Diablo tuner up the only thing that lights up is a green light and it flashes on and off the actual screen does not light up what do I need to do

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