Latest Intune release here.

For inTune users who prefer to not use Windows, we'll help you out in your own section.
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Re: Latest Intune release here.

Post by islandlife1975 »

RE: "to see the current versions, go to settings/tool info/firmware info"

When I go to settings on intuner, there is no option to select "tool info" etc to view my current firmware.

Any help appreciated.
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Re: Latest Intune release here.

Post by islandlife1975 »

DiabloMatt wrote:
okalski wrote:As far as a piece of technology is concerned, I have to say the Diablosport inTune I-1000 is by far the worst purchase I've made to date. Not only does Diablosport care less about Mac-only users, but the lack of customer service attention by technical support here is attrocious. Every time my PCM needs to be reflashed by the dealer, I have to come back to this forum to try to figure out how to get my tuner to stop telling me a PCM calibration is required. I write a post and it takes days to get a response (if you want to call it that). It's then a back and forth conversation online that spans days if not weeks. Come on people. I just can't understand why it's so difficult to put together a simple set of directions, including the necessary updates. Your directions were bad in 2012, and they're still bad now. If I could get my money back from Sean at Hemifever Tuning I would. There has to be a better system out there that's more user/Mac friendly. Diablosport has an auto update feature for PC, but a disk is required and there isn't one in the box. What's the deal? Can we please get technical support that's actually supportive? I just want to use the product when I need it. I spend more time trying to update this damned thing than I spend driving my truck!

the new i2 fixes all the problems you are having now. expically the mac issues. the new tool works on mac, windows, and Linux as well. we offer a trade in program where you get $100 off the purchase of your i2 if you trade in your old tool. maybe consider that? you will be MUCH happier with that tool i promise

actually the i2 does not work with mac, or at least mine does not. from your tech support they say go get another computer.i guess it worked rite out of the box, but tech support could not make it do anything, even by them taking over my computer. i feel like the tech guy was angry,upset or bothered.
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Re: Latest Intune release here.

Post by Sauve82 »

I have an i-1000 that i used on my 2011 silverado, i no longer have that truck but now own a 2015 suburban and a 2016 silverado 5.3l. could someone please help me with updating my tuner so it will work on these. i tried the auto update instructions with it but does not work on my mac.

thank you
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Re: Latest Intune release here.

Post by abeydoun22 »

I recently purchased the InTune I-1000 and it worked before on tuning my F150 Ecoboost. Now after restoring it, I cannot tune it, showing a screen saying "Not supported." Moreover I registered it a dozen times trying to update it and the Intune will not register. In addition, I tried manually updating to 1r03h. How do I get it to tune this truck again and update tunes?
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Re: Latest Intune release here.

Post by billabob »

My Intone also says i need to register, but gives me no prompt to do so. Can someone please assist?
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Re: Latest Intune release here.

Post by ravenfaust »

im having an issue was able to use the intune on my car, but now its not working at all.. updated, downgraded etc.

dcx database is missing everytime.. i have a 2015 dodge challenger

<?xml version="1.0"?>


<main svn="8521" sw_rev="1r04i" full_version="InTune-1r04i 08/03/2015 01:32:36 PM"/>

<registration status="1" sn="JNW2EE2-6"/>

<cal_id CM1="68239158AC" PCM="68228440AC"/>

<restore bc="48" vin="2C3CDZBT2FH709728" id="0"/>

<system_db vin="1r01g" dtc="1r01a" info="1r01b"/>

<db pid="1r01b" tune="missing" mfr="DCX"/>

<db pid="1r01b" mfr="FORD"/>

<db pid="1r01a" mfr="GM"/>

-<license tuned="1" avail="1">

<tuned vin="2C3CDZBT2FH709728"/>


<updates count="18"/>

<oem tool_oem="DIABLODCX"/>

<reg reg="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"/>


Please fix
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Re: Latest Intune release here.

Post by Pmexpert »

installed a back up before getting my truck to a dealer. After getting it back tried to connect, got "PCM recalibration needed.." issue.
my file is attached. Installed an updates, but no luck
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mikel question

Post by morbidmonkey »

Hey I was just wondering what the latest firmware for the I 1000 is? Also I have a 2002 chevy camaro SS SLP edition and was wondering what the newest tune is for it?

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Re: Latest Intune release here.

Post by lagunz3 »

Anyone at diablo have any updates? Its been a while and there is new TCM software for lots of vehicles.
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Re: Latest Intune release here.

Post by BOOCKER »

mikel wrote:1r04i is the latest application.

Where can i get it?
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Re: Latest Intune release here.

Post by 06MonteSS »

just run the updater on the tool
06MonteSS / DiabLew Tune
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Re: Latest Intune release here.

Post by BOOCKER »

06MonteSS wrote:just run the updater on the tool

it says that i cant update it untill i registered, i already did that yesterday. but i havent got the email.
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Re: Latest Intune release here.

Post by ahrmike »

newest GM intunue 1000 tune link is not working on main DS page... possible to have an upload of the tune? I think its a 1r02u?
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