Cam Install 2015 Silverado 5.3

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Cam Install 2015 Silverado 5.3

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Hey there! New to this page, but have owned a few Diablo units over my lifetime.
I just installed a BTR stage 2 cam, Moly pushrods and a set of comp cams lifters to get rid of the notorious lifter collapsing on the L83 engine. Decided new timing chain and oil pump, as I pulled the engine anywho. Slapped some MSD Coils, wires and Ruthenium plugs on it and added the CAI.
Big 3 swap to let the subs do their thing.
Anywho, I fired the truck today and it wouldn't stay idling. Went in and raised the RPM on Idle and Drive and raised the timing a tad(runs on 93), drove fine. Parked her at my local walmart and PHEW, I hit reverse and she died a couple times lol :punisher: .
I'm looking into getting the CMR tune done, But I was curious if that was a software I could purchase myself and do what I need to do?
I currently own the Trinity 2 platinum which is CMR compatible. I do have a pretty decent background with tuning on my old JET software I had a couple years ago but would prefer to keep something I can pop over on my handheld.

I only have 3 tunes on my T2P and was also curious if there were any more that were free to download?
I have the MPG booster, Diablo, and the 87 Octane tune. (and of course stock)
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Re: Cam Install 2015 Silverado 5.3

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We don't offer the software at this time unfortunately. There are no further generic tunes to download, a custom tune from one of our cmr tuners would be the [best path forward here IMO.
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