Moving to a CARB state with unlocked PCM

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Moving to a CARB state with unlocked PCM

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Unfortunately need to move to a CARB state and not sure what I need to reverse.

I have an unlocked PCM swap in a 2021 Charger ScatPack with a Diablo 93 tune. Basically stock with a CAI and mid muffler delete.

If I tune back to the stock tune will it be detectable by the OBD2 Inspection test that it has been “modified” in the past? The unlocked PCM has had various T2 tunes loaded and unloaded at least half dozen times including trying some custom tune that didn’t work out.

Does the security bypass cable need to be removed also? I have the OEM OBD2 replaced with a Y cable, one end of the Y path has the Bypass cable and T2 cable so it’s not in the path of an OBD reader. The other end goes to the OEM location. Not sure what the bypass cable is doing at the OBD end and if it’s still detectable?
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Re: Moving to a CARB state with unlocked PCM

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the bypass has to be removed for any e-test or dealer service, just to allow communication.
the mod pcm nor the tunes will cause issues with the testing. if you decide to return to the stock tune you should do it a few weeks before the test so you can let all the monitors set.
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