Predator P2 No tire size

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Predator P2 No tire size

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Hello. Bought a cam kit from MMX for my 09 ram 1500 hemi. I opted for the predator p2 for disabling the mds system. I haven't installed the kit yet, waiting to get a water pump but have used the tuner to adjust my tire size since I am running 35x12.5r18 tires. I have been able to adjust my tire size one time and this was on the diablo 87 tune (or whatever the 87 tune is called, 87 performance?) and everything worked great instantly noticed my spedo was adjusted and all was great. tried going to the eco tune and was able to adjust my tire size there too and made sure it was correct. For some reason the tune said it failed and was in recovery mode and sent the vehicle back to a stock tune, and it may have been my mistake. I believe I opened the door while the tune was doing its business and didn't think that would have caused an issue and truly not sure if it did. Any how. It set the vehicle back to stock and tried to set it back to diablo 87 tune or whichever I was previously using and of course my spedo too was set back to default yet I went to customize the tune and it doesn't show tire size, tire pressure(i believe I had it before but not relevant), and maybe a couple other things. I know I had a page and a half of a list of things I can adjust and now i've only got right under 1 page of options I can change, and it seems like that is with any of the tunes. even under the customer tune or quick tune. I have updated the device before I first used it and that went fine. I have just updated it before writing this and that went fine too but still no tire size.
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Re: Predator P2 No tire size

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can you post the device serial number and then return to stock so we can reset it for you?
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