wrong sku type for this vehicle

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wrong sku type for this vehicle

Post by V8gimmy »

2012 gmc sierra 5.3 v8

i keep getting wrong sku type message when trying to tune. ive updated everything to my knowledge. i just bought the tuner and the truck has never been tuned. if anyone would know the issue and knows how to fix please let me know thank you.

serial number- 202324635
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Re: wrong sku type for this vehicle

Post by 06MonteSS »

you need to have the inTune i3 8200 or 8245 Platinum, or the Trinity T2 EX 9200 or 9245 Platinum version tool for that truck... Look at the sticker on the bottom of the box it came in...
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Re: wrong sku type for this vehicle

Post by mikel »

this serial comes back to a 9050, which is just a monitor, not a tuner.

You'd want a 9245 for this application to tune with it.
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