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MPG boost tune on trinity ? MPG did not improve

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I recently purchased the trinity and put the MPG boost tune on it to drive to my job 300 miles away. After the trip I lost about .5MPG over my previous drives. 12.9MPG with the MPG boost opposed to 13.5 stock.
What can I do to improve the MPG tune I will be starting a new job in 2 weeks where I will be driving 200 miles a day would love to see some better MPG.

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Is this based on manually calculating your fuel economy or by reading the mileage gauge on the display?
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after you flash a tune to the ecm, all learned items like emissions readiness tests, fuel trims, airflow intake, etc all get reset.. they need to be relearned and settle in... so you need to put on about 100 miles to let things get relearned by the ecm and settle in.... so yes, before that happens, your mileage will be off...
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Ok thanks for the info

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