Trying to contact Diablosport.....

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Trying to contact Diablosport.....

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So I need to get a predator reset...but I've been calling for over an hour's 9:20 EST...but I just get the recording that I've reached them after hours...and that regular business hours are 8-5 EST... news says you are taking off Thursday and's Tuesday.....??!? Calling the number in MikeL's sig btw. 561-908-0040. Also tried 866-404-6141 and get the same message...Also, the recording says to push zero to leave a message in the general mailbox...but after pushing zero, it says that's not a valid response.....

Make, model and year of vehicle Was on a 2006 300SRT8, going on an 05 magnum RT
model # of Predator or Trinity U7135
software revision on the Predator or Trinity 9R12

This unit is locked to my 300SRT8, but that car is a dedicated track vehicle, and no longer even has the stock PCM in's been tuned with HP tuners and I've tried plugging this unit in to restore it, but it fails every time.

A friend of mine just got a Magnum, and I told him I'd give him this since it's been sitting in my garage for years collecting dust.... Can I get a reset code for this??
force reset Key is DF78 0161 6B4C 49E4 9F13

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Trying to contact Diablosport.....

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this post says it was made at 8:49 AM. I apologize for the late start, we do a staff meeting on Tuesday mornings, but phones were back on by 9:30.
if you didnt get through yet, please call with the tool powered up, there are no calls holding.

Mike Litsch
DiabloSport Brand Manager
Diablo Tech support by phone:
M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST
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