"Unable to get calibration ID PCM" U7137

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"Unable to get calibration ID PCM" U7137

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Hi, I have an 05 Ram with a custom tune, I recently re-did my top-end with a different cam.. I wanted to log so that I can get a new tune for the cam. When I plug my Predator in I get the error above and it tells me to turn key on or re-plug the tuner. I am interested in upgrading to a new tuner as well but want to be able to read my pcm. I could never get the tcm portion to work but all I care about is the pcm tuning. Following is the info I've noted:

PCM: 56028958AI

TCM: 05094258AD
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Re: "Unable to get calibration ID PCM" U7137

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Seems this device is just not happy any more, give us a call and we can discuss upgrade options for your 05 Ram.
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