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ford update 11B23

Post by MAtSTER »

I just took my '08 F-450 in for the "11B23 calibration update" at the ford dealer. This is a software update for the PCM (powertrain control module). I restored the truck to factory settings before taking it in. After the update I tried to install the tuner and it said "not compatable" What do I need to do?
Also I was wondering if there are any updates for improved fuel mileage? Still only getting about 9.8 in 50 hp setting. Doesn't change much in other settings.


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RE: ford update 11B23

Post by rayconway »

Same here on my 08 F350. What is Ford trying to get sneaky? I asked the service writer what the new PCM/TCM updates were supposed to do and he said better throttle response and pick up. Yea right, this thing is a pig. Just had done today, so not sure on fuel economy. Lie o Meter says 17.2 cruising at 65 mph and 2000 RPM. Not bad.

Dudes, you have to write some new compatible patches quick. I have been spoiled on the tuner.

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RE: ford update 11B23

Post by mikel »

FWIW, most ford diesel updates are good at killing power and mileage.
They are still releaseing updates that make the 6.0s run worse, and I would imagine the trend will continue with the 6.4

Either way, we're working up new tunes for these cals, and will have an update shortly.'

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RE: ford update 11B23

Post by rayconway »

Thanks Mike, I hope sooner than later. I had an 80 year old lady walk of and leave me at a light today in a '72 Pontiac Tempest. Not that I wanted to race her, but she gave me the finger, smoked her tires, and left me no choice. I guess she got the last laugh.

Anyway, I am all about the milage and I have no idea what this Ford Flash is all about. Honestly, neither did the dealer.
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RE: ford update 11B23

Post by duncan »

Same issue here-- 2008 F-450, just flashed per 11B23, got "vehicle not supported" when attempting to re-tune.

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RE: ford update 11B23

Post by terpman86 »

Same here, I posted this in another thread. I'll repost it here just to keep this consolidated.
terpman86 wrote:2008 F250 6.4L, using the U7164 (v.9r12a) last update was 06/2010

I've had the device since 10/2009 and it has worked fantastically for me. Average about 17.5mpg with the 50hp economy tune (city and highway combined, usually negligible load in the back). Straight highway with the 50hp tune usually gets me 22mpg.

Only problem I've had has just recently come up after I took my truck in to the Ford dealer for a recall on the computer yesterday. According to the invoice I got from them, they had to reprogram the computer to fix a potential issue with the reduced power mode when water in fuel was detected. I restored the factory tune before I took it in to the dealer and when I tried to retune my truck this morning I got a message saying that the feature was not supported by my vehicle. I have lost the recall notice so I don't know when it was issued or when Ford started to reprogram the computers.

Any ideas on what a fix might be for this? Thanks for your help!

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Recent Reflash

Post by rayconway »


any idea when you guys are going to have a new update out for the U1764 after Ford's TCM/PCM relfash?

How long does it normally take to write new programming. I have no clue.


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